Discohat is a small board allowing you to do computer controlled lights, sounds and special effects.

It is an essential building block for making custom light and sound systems. You can easily create your own home disco based on it. It is also usable for small theatre groups, bands or school projects.

With the Discohat you can control DMX equipment and LED strips. It also has interfaces for up to 8 pushbuttons that can be configured to start light and sound sequences. It is programmable in python.


Traditional light control boards require a technician to trigger changes in light scenes, sound effects and music. With Discohat you can embed switches on stage and trigger the effects by the actors. At theatre Rampfeber we have automated switches like doorbell, telephone rings, rooflights on/off, day/night. The system runs on Raspberry Pi with Discohat.


Controlling the chases (lights changing with a timer or with the music) can be done with foot switches. Raspberry Pi does not take up much space. With switch controls you do not need any displays, keyboards or mice for controlling the lights. LED lights and Raspberry Pi plus a Discohat is an affordable solution for minimal lighting.


Special projects for fun. Why not add atmosphere to your living room. Or play around with small LED lights. The Discohat is a nice programming platform for creating cool light and sound to any project.


Control lights, lasers, fog machines, sounds with Raspberry Pi and Discohat. A single Raspberry Pi can easily keep up with dozens of lights. With an external microphone you can also sync the lights to the sound.